Layering and interweaving in an ongoing process

axis of emptiness

Videa pro YouTube Aleš Hnízdil

Intervention in the gardens of the Hundertwassers Gruene Zitadelle – Magdeburg – installation of objects.

Vorführung im Freien: Slavnost/Feier 3x projektion Sonnenstraße 35, 09130 Chemnitz, Deutschland

2021 – 2022 “The structure of silent touches in the ongoing process.” CeBB Schönsee, Germany.

YouTube Aleš Hnízdil Die Struktur stiller Berührungen im laufenden Prozess HD 720p

Die Struktur stiller Berührungen im laufenden Prozess ist ein Projekt, das auf der Wahrnehmung innerer Prozesse durch jedes Wesen und seinem bewussten Kontakt mit gerade ablaufenden Prozessen beruht. In unserem Bewusstsein berühren wir alles uns Umgebende und alles Umgebende berührt unser Bewusstsein.

2021 “Tea pavilion of falling branches”

YouTube – Tea pavilion of falling branches Aleš Hnízdil HD 1080p

2021 “The structure of silent touches in ongoing process.” Choir of priest Ambrose – Concrete autumn in Hradec Králové.

Spiritual eyes of the landscape – Laboratory Blatná, May 2022.

They are a reflection of the space around us, above us and within us. It transports us in a unique spiritual position into space without a time limit.


It is a project of drawing in a space where the sign of the white line accentuates our consciousness in connection with the place of reverence of the burial ground of the Jewish population in Prague Liben. We walk through a space marked by the existence of people living in the distant and near past, a space of the present without the present awareness of respect for what surrounds us. Forgotten places in space have their own stories that we can perceive.