**2024 Cyclic energy and the vertical**

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**2024 Ongoing energy**

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**2024 Civilization waste**

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**The process of ongoing morphology.**

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**Memento H2O**

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**Competition proposal for the 60th Venice**

Layering-and-interweaving-in-an-ongoing-processDownload Vrstveni-a-prolinani-vDownload ... Details

**Layering and interweaving in an ongoing**

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**axis of emptiness**

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**Videa pro YouTube Aleš Hnízdil**

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**Intervention in the gardens of the**

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**Vorführung im Freien: Slavnost/Feier 3x**

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**2021 – 2022 “The structure**

YouTube Aleš Hnízdil Die Struktur stiller Berührungen im laufenden Prozess HD 720p Die Struktur stiller Berühr... Details

**2021 “Tea pavilion of falling**

YouTube - Tea pavilion of falling branches Aleš Hnízdil HD 1080p ... Details

**2021 “The structure of silent**

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**Spiritual eyes of the landscape –**

They are a reflection of the space around us, above us and within us. It transports us in a unique spiritual position i... Details


It is a project of drawing in a space where the sign of the white line accentuates our consciousness in connection with... Details

**The structure of inner touches pervading**

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**The dissolved axis of the emptiness**

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**Present consciousness over the buried**

Present consciousness It is a project of drawing in a space where the sign of the white line accentuates our con... Details